Creating the Future

I understand retail destination points—shopping, dining, entertainment—are key for growth and development of our city. By centralizing the downtown area for Westminster, we are creating a destination point not only on a local level, but a regional level. By developing a “live, work, play” approach, we are preparing our city for future generations.

Growth and Development

A private-sector driven economy is critical for Westminster’s growth.  Through my experience in transportation development, I understand investing in cost-effective, targeted ventures is fundamental for attracting the private sector. With the downtown redevelopment my goal for the city is to be fiscally responsible and work with the private sector to provide future employment within our community, adding to the economic vitality of the city—creating a viable tax base, creating local jobs, and developing of housing, including the addition of affordable housing. This is truly a necessary effort for the city to act locally and engage regionally.


Being employed with RTD has provided me the opportunity to work with community members, stakeholders, and elected officials. Every day, I work to facilitate transportation connections and bring together communities. For our city, my plan is to expand beyond bus and rail—including finding ways to accomplish the rest of the B Line. This means connecting our city through efficient, cost-effective multi-modal choices: bus and rail; shuttle service to the future re-development of Westminster’s retail; designated bike lanes and sidewalks in our communities - developing a safe connection from one point to another; and improving our roadways.