A minute away from the campaign trail....

Taking a moment away from the campaign trail... CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) volunteers can change the course of lives toward a positive future, be a confidant, a friend, a ray of hope in the darkest of places and a voice for a child(ren). Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Light of Hope luncheon. While there are 290 children who have a CASA, we need more volunteers! There are roughly 1,161 kiddos who need a volunteer. Consider your time to this great organization. As a CASA volunteer, I've seen first hand the overwhelming benefit a child can have with a CASA serving by their side. Please consider volunteering. Thank you to the City of Westminster for being a presenting sponsor.

Pedal to the metal until Nov. 5

With nine days until ballots drop and 31 days until Election Day, it's pedal to the metal until the very last minute polls close! This morning I had the opportunity to visit with folks and understand their concern on the proposed development on the southwest corner of 104th and Sheridan Blvd., door knocked afterwards, and then had the honor to attend the Westminster Historical Society annual tea event with Legendary Ladies in attendance, including Amelia Earhart! Overall, a great day in Westminster!

Enjoyed the weekend!

Spent the day talking to many community members at their doors. As expected, the significant water rate increase was the topic of discussion. Now, enjoying open mic night at A Creative Corner Colorado. It's a full house with some amazing people showing their amazing talents! If you haven't stopped by the shop, taken an art class or listened to their open mic night, you're missing out!

Be an informed voter!

Running for office has given me a greater perspective on researching candidates, to really understand who and what I am voting for. As a voter, I want to make sure the person I select has the pulse of the community, really understands the issues and concerns of residents, and knows his/her role of governing is working for and serving the tax-payers who elected them. I encourage all to attend one of the upcoming candidate forums!


Honoring our local heroes

What a privilege it was to sit with an amazing group of folks at the Seventeenth Annual Awards Banquet honoring our local heroes. Paramedic Quint Friesell was one of many who served the Westbury Apartment fire last year. Along with many others, Friesell was awarded the Fire Life Saving and Distinguished Service Cross awards. I was honored to be able to get to know him and his parents last night. Thank you Westminster PD and Westminster Fire Department for all you do in our community, and congratulations to all who received awards! We have an amazing group of people who work tirelessly to keep us safe. Thank you!
And thank you, Larry and Nancy McNally for hosting our table!

Day around Westy

Thank you, Westminster residents, for a fun, interactive day yesterday. We kicked off the day in Westminster High School's annual homecoming parade, handing out candy and balloons. Then, headed to Westy Firehouse Station 6 open house where we learned invaluable lessons about how people, especially children, can mistake medication/vitamins for candy. The flight for life chopper was able to make an appearance as well! Pretty cool! Afterwards, we headed out to talk to more residents at their doors, listening to the issues important to them. To top off the day, we grabbed dinner at Big Mac and Little Lu's delicious seafood restaurant! Another busy day ahead, meeting and talking with residents!#VoteLindseyForWesty #ElectLindseySmith #BeInvolved #WestyIsBest#PickSix #GotYourSix

We must never forget

"Above all, I hope that today's events have shown you that life can go at a moment's notice. Therefore, live it to the fullest. Take hold of the good that comes your way." - Unknown, 9/11 memorial quote.

We will never forget. I will never forget...My heartfelt sorrow to all who lost their life that day.
While we may be divided in thought, we are all bound by the human spirit. Today, I take pride in remembering those who have fought and continue to fight for our country and for our freedom. My appreciation goes to our first responders, military, and those who continue to keep us safe. But also those who simply stand on principle on doing what's right. All of us have a civic duty to fulfill and each of us have our own path in doing so. But we must never forget that it takes each and every one of us to denounce hatred, rebuild what's broken, and speak from love - that's the foundation of building our community, our great nation. We must never forget...

9.11 tribute.jpg

Busy weekend & supporting our Westy Fire Department

Busy, fun weekend on the campaign trail! I had the opportunity to talk with more Westminster residents at their doors about what they love about Westminster and what we can work on as a city. I also attended the Westminster CFIRE (Citizens for Westminster Fire Department) Knock on Cancer event at Snooze. All proceeds will be used to obtain cancer prevention equipment, continuing education for cancer prevention and individual support in the unfortunate event of a fire fighter who develops cancer.

Another busy week is ahead! Hope to see you on the trail! — with
Evan Underwood and Lindsey Smith.


Listening to community concerns

Last night, nearly 100 residents and several staff members attended a city-hosted community meeting to talk about all things Westminster. Several asked about our water resources, open space, growth and transportation, housing and density development, including work on the old Westminster mall site.

While 100 folks do not represent the majority of Westminster, I can tell you these issues resonate within our community as I'm hearing first hand going door to door talking with residents one-on-one. These issues are not easy to tackle, but as your next city councilor, I will be collaborative on working to solve them.

Vote Lindsey for Westy

Can't thank my family enough for the thoughtful items to #ElectLindseySmithand #VoteLindseyForWesty! My mom made the hats and sister made the car decals! Again, thank you all for helping me to earn a seat on council!#SupportYourHometownGal #LindseyForWesty