Back the blue

Learned about use of force and arrest control at tonight's Westminster Citizen's Police Academy. I put the arrest control to work with Councilor DeMott, putting pressure on the Infra Orbital Nerve. I got the same treatment from Vanessa! Ouch! The hours of technical training our officers have to go through to not only protect themselves but the public is amazing! I have the highest admiration for those who serve, in any capacity! #BackTheBlue #ServeToProtect #WestminsterPD#ThinBlueLine #Learning #Perspective

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Giving back to the community

After taking an emergency case requiring a CASA volunteer, I had the opportunity to meet with her this weekend. She's two years old and part of a domestic violence case. Children are our most vulnerable community members, please consider volunteering with CASA. Our future needs you!

I also had the opportunity, on Sunday, to visit with and witness brave people give back, fighting to cure childhood cancer(s).

Thank you to everyone (including city staff) who participated and donated to St. Baldricks. This is the city’s eighth annual event in honor of former Mayor McNally's grandson, Shea, who passed away in the summer of 2016 of neuroblastoma cancer at the age of 16. Together, Westminster raised more than $15,500! The St. Baldrick's Foundation is a volunteer-powered charity that funds more in childhood cancer research grants than any organization except the U.S. government! 

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Happy International Women's Day - March 8

International Womens day.jpg

I was reflecting today while I was snow boarding on our beautiful mountains with my family (including my sister, pictured). 

There was a time for women where:
* Attending college was just a dream
* Having a career was unheard of
* Voting in an election wasn't allowed, let alone running for office

I don't take any of these (and other) important rights for granted and have a great appreciation and admiration for those who have fought so hard for women to have such equal rights.

I hope to continue the fight for equality for all. I hope to provide opportunities, wisdom, and responsibility not just as a community member and as an advocate for children through CASA, but it would be my honor to serve all as a council member for our city, as well. No matter what, though, I hope to continue to make a difference and touch lives, big or small, every day, where ever I go.

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Contact me to set up a meeting, event, get together!

What a great evening with the Westminster Chamber at their business after hours event, highlighting the grand opening of Embers Fireplaces and Outdoor Living in Westminster. This gem is located just off 108th and Wadsworth Blvd. If you have a chance, stop in and see all of their unique products! Also, thank you to 5280 for your delicious burgers! Stop in and eat some delicious grub - located off 120th and Bradburn Blvd.

If you have events or meetings you'd like me to attend, please email me at or call 720-744-2316. Also remember to "like" Lindsey for Westy on Facebook!

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Meet & Greet with the Westy Chamber

Thank you, Westminster Chamber of Commerce, for hosting a Meet and Greet with our City Council. It was also great to meet and hear from business members about where they choose to do business and how they continue making a difference in the community through their organizations! It's so important to know the happenings in the City!

While it was great to meet new council members, as a citizen and as a community member, I would've like to hear more about their vision for Westminster.

My vision is a new perspective - a new perspective on how we are building community, a focused and strategic look at what we are executing throughout the city, and bridging the gap on listening to ALL community and business voices and striving for more communication on how we solve issues. That's my vision.

To learn more, join me at my Campaign Kickoff event on Sunday, March 31 from 3 - 5 p.m. at one of our small businesses in Westminster - Twenty Brew TapHouse (11187 Sheridan Boulevard #10, Westminster, CO 80020). If you cannot attend, please consider a donation to the Committee to Elect Lindsey Smith 
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Westminster Library celebrates 100 years

100 years westy library.jpg

While the nation was celebrating our history of President's Day, Westminster celebrated 100 years of literature, librarians, and knowledge. On February 18, we celebrated 100 years of the Westminster Public Library. If you haven't been to the Irving Street Library, please do! It's filled with so much history, and a place where people of all ages can fill their curiosity of wonder and dreams.

What a great turnout. Thank you to the Westminster Historical Society for hosting such a great event!

Elect Lindsey Smith 2019!

first announcement post.jpg

On Valentine’s Day, I made it official! I am a candidate for Westminster City Council. Read more about my candidacy below:

Happy Valentine's Day – a day all about love!! My love continues to grow for Westminster! The people, open space, and small businesses are just a few of the many reasons why I love this City, including the reason I’m still working toward my dream.

It takes fortitude, grit and a big heart to keep after a dream – all of which I have. This week I submitted my paperwork with the aspiration to serve my community via City Council – a passion and a love of mine.

I learned so much from my campaign two years ago. It was one of the most exciting, compelling, hardest, most challenging experiences I’ve gone through to date. I met so many wonderful people along the way, and the support I had through my campaign was reflected in the number of voters who believed in me.

Although I haven't been posting regularly since the election in 2017, I've been busy learning, diving into the issues even deeper, and strategizing solutions. I am attending/listening to City Council meetings and Study Sessions. I'm meeting with City staff to hear their perspectives. I am currently enrolled in Westminster's Citizen's Police Academy! If you've been looking to get involved, I highly recommend this course! I am attending community meetings and striking conversation with citizens about interests and involvement within the City. I'm continuing my desire to serve my community, the city I grew up in, my home.

Lindsey Smith, candidate for Westminster City Council, is working for you, working to earn your vote! It will take hard work and dedication to earn a seat on City Council. Please consider a donation to the Committee to Elect Lindsey Smith
#VoteSmith #VoteWesty #BelieveInMore#OurCommunityYourFuture

Honored to be your voice

fb sign_angie.jpg

Love knocking on doors and meeting residents across the city. But I especially love walking up to a house I don't know and they are sporting my sign in the yard. I'm honored. Thank you to all those who are supporting Lindsey Smith for Westminster City Council!!! I still have a handful of signs. Message me if you have family, friends, neighbors who are willing to support a sign in their yard until November 8 (the day after Election Day). 

One of the busiest nights yet!

Busy evening on the campaign trail! In a nutshell, YARD SIGNS are in, recorded a video message to residents, knocked on doors, and attended the City Council meeting. 

My personal message to all residents of Westminster will be featured on Westminster's website and aired on our Municipal Channel 8. Thanks to City staff for making this happen for all candidates! Afterwards, yes, I went knocking on doors in the rain. With a little over a month to go, I want to meet you at your door! And thanks to meeting residents, I've added two more lawn signs in yards! Let me know if I can drop one at your door!!!! I appreciate your support! And finally, I attended our Council meeting where Council presented the Red Ribbon Proclamation to the Community Awareness Action Team (C.A.A.T.), a long-standing, non-profit organization in Westminster to raise awareness within our schools about living a drug-free life. Red Ribbon week is October 23-31. "Your future is Key, so stay drug free."


Helping Lindsey get elected

I had helpers knocking on doors, thanks to my parents and Nanci! The parents were in from Oregon; it was awesome to show them the campaign in action! (Side note, was also really neat to see all of the butterflies fluttering about; they kept us company too!)

For those who want to help Elect Lindsey Smith, please consider a donation, volunteer your time walking with me, and share, share, SHARE Lindsey for Westy posts, share my name to vote Lindsey Smith.

Thank you to those who have helped thus far, you know who you are. You all are wonderful, and I couldn't be doing this without support. Thank you!#ElectLindseySmith #LindseyForWesty


Your issues are my focus


Another great weekend and Monday night knocking on doors and meeting residents! Maintaining our open space, alleviating traffic congestion and planning for growth in Westminster have all been hot items with residents. THESE issues are my focus for City Council if elected! Since day one, my focus has been growth, development and transportation. Westminster residents, vote for me. I will make sure these concerns, and others, are being addressed. This is my commitment to you. #ElectLindeySmith #LindseyForWesty

Ballot order

When I announced I was running for Council, I became the 10th candidate in the race. After the due date of turning in signatures and after the City completed background checks, by September 5 we had seven confirmed. Today, there are six confirmed, and we were informed on where we will be located on the ballot.

Westy residents living in Adams County, I'll be number five on the ballot!

Westy residents living in Jefferson County, I'll be number four on the ballot!

Read the link below for more election info.…/six-run-for-city-council-…

#LindseyForWesty #ElectLindseySmith


Milestone accomplished!

Milestone accomplished! I needed enough (Westminster) registered voter signatures to get my name on the ballot. I turned in 127 signatures on Monday, August 28.  I was notified on August 29 that my name, Lindsey Smith, will be on the ballot for the November Election. Thank you Westminster residents for believing in me and signing! I will not let you down. 


Paperwork filed!

I have the energy and passion to represent you

I completed another week of knocking on doors, and I am humbled by residents' reactions when I convey why I am running for City Council. The responses have been very positive. i.e. - “Thank you, it is great to have someone new running for City Council.” And, “It is amazing to see someone your age getting involved in local politics.”

Residents of Westminster, community members and neighbors, I have the energy and passion to represent you well. I'm adding a fresh new perspective to council and will be honored to serve the community in this role. With running for Council, I appreciate the opportunity to listen to you. I am further researching into the issues we discuss (traffic signals, affordable housing, open space, etc.) and immersing myself to understand the facts so that I will be well versed as your councilwoman.

Lindsey Smith Candidate for Westminster City Council

Buying local

Lindsey buys local

During the summers growing up, I helped my grandparents sell produce at a local farmer's marketing in Pennsylvania, and this is where I learned there is an intrinsic value to producing and buying locally.

Investment in local business is key to any economy, and it is no different for Westminster. As your City Councilwoman, I will promote local business as priority. This adds character within our city and is the fabric of building community.

Come on down to the Westminster Farmer's Market off of 72nd and Sheridan! You can fill a bag of produce for just $10!!! #BuyLocal #EatLocal #LindseyforWesty #ElectLindseySmith — with Lindsey Smith