CASA Awards Dinner

Congratulations to the nominees and award recipients at CASA's Celebration Awards dinner and presentation! The work these folks do for CASA of Adams and Broomfield Counties is incredible. It was such a pleasure to watch Judge Kathy Delgado accept the Judicial Officer of the Year award! Judge Delgado swore me in as a CASA volunteer in January 2017.  There are 1,600 kiddos (just in Broomfield and Adams counties) who need a CASA. Please consider volunteering. I'd love to share with you the work I do for this wonderful organization!

Arbor Day fun in Westy

We had a busy, fun day today in Westminster! My niece, nephew and I enjoyed Arbor Day at City Park, the Car Show and Book Fair at Woodrow Wilson Academy, and now savoring some delicious ice cream! 

Council's strategy session

Staff and Council had a long-working session today going over each other's expectations and focusing on the goals and objectives of Westminster's strategic plan. Both staff and council asked for more trust, communication and managing the expectation of roles and responsibilities. The priorities for the coming year included sustainability, community building, mobility, mental health and water conservation.

Interesting to hear and observe so many different perspectives on all topics.

From a police officer's perspective...

My heart is heavy tonight after attending Westminster's Citizen's Police Academy. I followed Jessica Ridgeway's story seven years ago, much like a lot of people around the metro area. The impact this case had nationwide and within our community was (and still is) powerful. But to learn about Jessica's case from a police offer's perspective leaves me speechless. I'm at a loss of words. Thank you to those who worked tirelessly to help bring Justice for Jessica, and who work everyday to keep our community safe. You have one of the toughest, emotionally draining, most challenging professions, and I cannot thank you enough for your service.

Jessica Ridgeway_4.3.19.jpg

Standley Lake public comment

Listening to public feedback on Westminster closing boating on Standley Lake for the 2019 season. Thank you to Friends of Standley Lake for organizing and working so hard to offer solutions! Everyone who attended, and traveled from as far as Castle Rock, thank you! It was amazing to see such support for those who are working to get back on to Standley Lake this boating season.

My goal as a future City Councilor is to create more dialog on issues such as this, instead of offering dialog after the fact.

Standley lake community meeting 4.2.19 (2).jpg


Thank you to Twenty Brew TapHouse for hosting and to GQue for the delicious food! Had lots of great compliments!

From the bottom of my heart, thank you! Thank you to everyone who came out to the Elect Lindsey Smith Campaign! Thank you to everyone who donated and came to show your support! I'm confident we will earn a seat on City Council together!

If you weren't able to make it but would like to schedule a time to meet with your neighborhood or community group, please let me know.

Thank you!.jpg

Taser night at Westy Citizen Police Academy

Holy smokes! Taser night at Westminster City Government Police Department Citizen's Academy!!!!! These brave souls took a taser in the back! As much as I tried to do mind over matter, hearing the feedback from the pain was a game changer. Nope, not this time. But mad respect goes to my classmates! Learning about the taser program proved first-hand these devices can be life saving to officers and just another tool in the toolbox to help keep our community safe! 

(Make sure to click on the images to see more!)

Needing more communication with residents on tough issues!

standley lake.jpg

Top comments I heard at City Council tonight regarding closing Standley Lake for boating: 

* "This is a knee-jerk reaction."
* "Why was there lack of communication? I bought a pass in January, to have it revoked five weeks before boating season is ridiculous!" 
* "Why can't we be a part of the solution?" 
* "Your expectation of us is to give you comment and feedback. Why can't that be our expectation of you? We deserve to be part of the solution."
* "I grew up on this lake, and want the same opportunities for my children."

What's your thoughts? I want to hear from you!

Westminster residents, I agree with you! We all need to be a part of the solution, and one with better communication! It's time for a change! A new perspective on council. One who will create dialog and bridge the gap on the lack of communication with hard policy changes! You deserve this, we deserve this! 

#VoteLindseySmith #LindseyforWesty#TimeForAChange #StandleyBoating#WherefriendsBecomeFamily

(Photo credit: Lindsey Smith - on Standley Lake with friends Summer 2018)

— at Standley Lake Regional Park.

Campaign kickoff reminder - March 31

Just a reminder - the campaign kick off is fast approaching - March 31 at 3 p.m. at Twenty Brew TapHouse! As you know, this race is so important for our city. It will be a challenge to win and won’t be easy. It takes dedication, hard work, support, and money. Please donate!


With your generous donation, no matter the size, to the committee to Elect Lindsey Smith, you will be helping to purchase yard signs, business cards, maintain a website, and produce literature so when I meet residents at their doors, I can leave information behind. Additionally, mailers are important so everyone knows me and who I am. It's important to reach out to every resident, and with your donation, I will be able to just that.

FB event reminder kickoff.jpg