Meet & Greet with the Westy Chamber

Thank you, Westminster Chamber of Commerce, for hosting a Meet and Greet with our City Council. It was also great to meet and hear from business members about where they choose to do business and how they continue making a difference in the community through their organizations! It's so important to know the happenings in the City!

While it was great to meet new council members, as a citizen and as a community member, I would've like to hear more about their vision for Westminster.

My vision is a new perspective - a new perspective on how we are building community, a focused and strategic look at what we are executing throughout the city, and bridging the gap on listening to ALL community and business voices and striving for more communication on how we solve issues. That's my vision.

To learn more, join me at my Campaign Kickoff event on Sunday, March 31 from 3 - 5 p.m. at one of our small businesses in Westminster - Twenty Brew TapHouse (11187 Sheridan Boulevard #10, Westminster, CO 80020). If you cannot attend, please consider a donation to the Committee to Elect Lindsey Smith 
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