A day around Westy

A day around the city! This morning I had the opportunity to watch the annual vintage baseball game, hosted by Westminster Historical Society. Congrats to the Westminster Lightening Bolts for their win!!!! The game was played by 1870s rules, including women protesters who were working hard to earn the right for women to vote! Gave me chills thinking how far we've come, and how much the game of baseball has changed. Great, fun and educational event!

Before the
Westminster Farmers Market closed for the day, we stopped by for some tasty goodies, and a bag of vegetables for only $10! Can't beat buying local!

To top off the day, had lunch and a delicious beverage at
Kokopelli Beer Company, and just enjoyed a nice conversation over appetizers with a friend at Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar. I'd say that's a great day around the City of Westminster! (Be sure to scroll through the pictures of the day by clicking the image!)

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